The Orinoco

Believe it or not, we really will take you into the virgin forest for a unique fishing experience. There are plenty of strange-looking fish in this sector’s main rivers but it’s the payara (or dog-fish) and the peacock bass which make the journey worthwhile. These two aggressive species will thrill you with their explosive strikes and line-stripping runs. Our friend Richard has lived there for 32 years and he will make sure every moment of your stay is magic, from your arrival at the airport to your departure.
If you’re an adventure lover, don’t miss out on this.

Discover the Orinoco and its tributaries in a stunning setting. The ideal destination if you :
Love adventure and new horizons
Fly-fish or spin
Are alone or in a group

This is the destination for you!

The fish

The Fish
Peacock Bass or Pavon (Cichla)
Peacock Bass lie near rocks or stones but are also known for using sand banks to round up their prey. Their explosive strikes and aerial acrobatics make for fantastic fishing.

Payara or Devilfish (Hydrolycus armatus)
An impressive game fish known for its strength, endurance and aspect (devilfish). The average weight is 10 to 12 pounds but specimen fish of up to 36 to 40 pounds are not rare. The Payara can be found in rapids and fast-moving waters. The strikes are violent and the jumps spectacular. Pay particular attention to how you set the brake on your reel, especially if you’re using braided line…. Otherwise your rod will certainly pay for it!

They can weigh up to 2.5 kilos and put up a great fight.
Other species, such as cat-fish – and in particular the lau lau catfish which can reach 200 kg – are also of interest.

Fishing seasons

 Fishing Season : Mid-November to end of April

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