The dorado, the fabulous golden-coloured fish, is still a relatively new species for European anglers. Pac Voyages &Piam will take you to meet this mysterious species which intrigues those who fly-fish as well as those who prefer spinning.
This trip will let you get away from it all to the border of Argentina, in the east of the Corrientes province and just a step away from the border with Paraguay and the famous Iguazu Falls.
So, if:
-you fly-fish or spin
-you dream of discovering a new species
-you’re looking for combative fish and memorable fights
-you’re alone, with your partner, or with a group of anglers
-you want to spend time in a natural environment with a certain degree of comfort

Then this is the destination for you!

Your itinerary
10 days, 7 nights on site, 6 days fishing

Day 1
Flight from Europe to Argentina

Day 2
Arrival in Buenos Aires, connection to Corrientes or Resistencia*
Meet and greet. Transfer to the lodge by road. Night in Golden Lodge

Day 3 and 4
Fishing on the Parana for dorado. Full board at the Golden Lodge where you will enjoy Argentine cuisine and a friendly atmosphere

Days 5 and 6
Fishing on the uppermost section of the river. You will spend the two nights in the Regina Lodge

Day 7
You will descend the Parana. Half-way, a chef will be waiting on the river bank to prepare a BBQ lunch with Argentine meats or roasted lamb with view of the river. Night in the Golden Lodge

Day 8
Fishing on the Parana. Night in the Golden Lodge

Day 9
Transfer to the airport and return flight to Buenos Aires.
Flight from Buenos Aires to Europe.

Day 10
Arrival in Europe

*depending on flight schedules

International flights
There are flights to Buenos Aires with Air France, Iberia, Aerolineas, Lufthansa….. The connection to Rio Grande and/or Rio Gallegos is with Airlineas. We can book your flights (fee : 45 euros per person)


Argentina is almost five times the size of France ( 2777410km2) and stretches 3330km from North to South. It has borders with Chili to the west, Bolivia to the north-west, Paraguay to the north and Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.
Our tour will take you to the Corrientes Province, in the north of the country, to the Upper Parana. Here you will find some of the best Dorado fishing in the world. The Parana, famous for the diversity of its fish species (over 220 have been recorded), is wonderful in this area, with beautiful, long beaches.
The village of Paso de la Patrie is well-known historically as it was a passageway for the royal militia during the War of the Triple Alliance at the end of the 19th century. This picturesque town with its sandy streets, nestled in lush vegetation, is considered to be the home of the dorado and the national dorado catch and release tournament takes place here every year.
You will be fishing in the middle of an unspoiled territory and enjoy the peace and silence of this setting, broken only by birdsong or monkey chatter…..or the sound of a dorado jumping!

The fish

Fishing, fish
The Dorado (salminus maxillosus)
The Parana is where you will find the dorado. The dorado is not only the iconic fish of Argentina but is now known world-wide in freshwater fishing as particularly combative and voracious, with acrobatic jumps and aggressive behaviour. It can reach a weight of 27 kg and a length of over 1m. Specimens of 15kg are far from rare….. It’s up to you!
The dorado is easily recognizable thanks to its golden colour (which is where the name comes from)
Fly-fishing for dorado will require your full attention and excellent casting if you want to find ‘the King’ where he lies in wait. If you do so, you will see the golden waves followed by the jump that will give you that sensation of euphoria sure to stay in your memory for ever.

Pira Pita (Brycon orbygnianus)
You will also be able to try your hand at this species, which is not as well-known as the dorado but just as combative. It is also known as the criollo salmon or PIracanjuba. The female can be 80 cm long and weigh 8 to 10 kg, whereas the male is smaller (68 cm long and 3.5 kg). This species is often difficult to fish as it is quite rare but, fortunately, the waters in and around Paso de la Patria contain a large number of them.


Accommodation in the Golden Lodge
You will stay in a colonial-style lodge, designed to give you privacy and comfort. Located just 50 m from the river, it has a spectacular view. Rooms have air-conditioning and fans and have bathrooms en suite. The lodge can welcome 10 to 12 guests. The main area has a lounge and bar : after a good day’s fishing you can listen to music, read a book, have a drink, and, above all, go over your excellent day’s fishing with the other anglers. There is also a BBQ where you will enjoy fine Argentine meats. The park has a good variety of trees which a family of Caraya monkeys likes to frequent in the morning. Bird song takes over in the afternoon…..

Accommodation in the Regina Lodge
The Regina Lodge is a 5-star hotel on the Upper Parana in the fishing port of Rzepecki, 160 km north of the Golden Lodge. You will stay in high-quality rooms for one or two guests. Each room has air-conditioning, satellite TV, a fridge and wifi internet. Facilities include a swimming-pool, game room, ping-pong and a library.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons
Fishing is closed from 1st November to 22nd December.
The fish are active all year so there are no particular problems whatever the season. However, the best times are from mid-August to the end of October and from January to the end of May because of the weather, water temperature and spawning.

Useful Info

Administrative requirements

For French citizens : A passport valid 6 months after your date of return
Other nationalities : please contact your embassy or consulate

Health : no vaccinations required

Language spoken : Spanish but English is spoken at the Lodge

Time : Five hours behind us in summer ( when it is 10 am in France, it is 5 am in Argentina) and four in winter (when it is 10 am in France, it is 6 am in Argentina)

Climate: Tropical in the north of Argentina. In Corrientes Province the average annual temperature is 21°C

Currency : Argentine pesos.

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