For several years now, Pac Voyages has been organising a winter destination in Patagonia, Chili for trout and salmon anglers.
Depending on the season, you will be able to fish King salmon, Silver salmon and even Atlantic salmon, all in the same rivers. A miracle of nature which is a must see. So, if :
-you fly-fish or spin
-you are alone or in a group of anglers
-you want to fish in rivers and lakes between November and April

Then this is the destination for you!

Itinerary for 12 days, 9 nights on site, 8 days fishing (it is possible to adapt the length of your stay to your availability)

 DAY 1 Departure from Europe to Santiago
DAY 2 Arrival in Santiago, flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt. Transfer to the lodge (about 2 hours away)
DAY 3 TO DAY 10 8 full days fishing
DAY 11 Transfer to Puerto Montt – Return flight to Europe
DAY 12 Arrival in Europe

The geography of Chili, with its unique diversity, is what some people call ‘crazy’. The country extends 4300 km from north to south and only 200 km from east to west. It is 6000 m above sea level. The variety of landscapes – rocky peaks, volcanos, deep canyons, deserts, fjords, glaciers, emerald lakes and golden beaches – are what makes Chili so unique.


This is the place where all anglers will find what they’re looking for. By some quirk of nature, a few rivers in Chili are home to fish species which are not usually found together : who has never dreamt, for example, of catching a Silver and an Atlantic salmon the same day?

You will also find abundant trout, some of which are an impressive size, as well as large Kings. You might even see steelhead and seatrout.

Each morning, you will leave by boat to make your way to the fishing spots (one guide and one boat for two anglers)

The boats are in excellent condition and well-adapted to the rivers and lakes you will be fishing.

Both fly-fishing and spinning are interesting in Chili.

The fly-fisher will target the brown trout or rainbow, but also has the chance to catch an Atlantic salmon or a silver. You may, exceptionally, catch large seatrout and steelhead.
The choice of fly depends on what species you are targeting….. But dry flies work well for brown trout and rainbow whereas streamers will catch salmon and large trout. In the lakes, large ‘dragon-fly’ type flies are used. The lakes are sometimes covered with them and it’s your chance to get a trophy trout of 5 to 10 kg. Fishing with spoons or rapalas is well adapted to the Kings in the large rivers. They can be caught on the fly but a spoon has more regular results.
Fish of 20 kg are common and put up a great fight. It is not rare to catch between one and five large fish per day when spinning.

Non-fishing guests
This region of Chili is located in a wonderful natural environment. Non-fishing guests will have a daily activity programme to make their stay a success : hiking, horse-riding, vist to the Osorno volcano and the National Park. In other words, anyone not fishing can also expect to have sensational stay.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons
As mentioned above, fishing here in the Southern hemisphere is at its best during the long winter months in Europe, when anglers wonder what to do with themselves.
You can choose your dates depending on the species you want to target.
15th November – 15th January : trout ( though they are present all season) and King for early years.
15th January – 15th April : King salmon, silver salmon and Atlantic salmon as well as the trout.


You will stay in a double room (or single at an extra charge) surrounded by lust vegetation and enjoy this perfect setting to relax after a good day’s fishing over a drink with friends. We offer high-quality service in a friendly ‘fishing’ atmosphere.
The cabanas are large, comfortable cabins which cater for 6 to 8 people and which are reserved exclusively for our anglers. A chef will prepare all your meals.
For extra comfort , if you are in a small group or with non-fishing guests, we recommend higher-quality accommodation with full-board in a hotel.

Useful Info

Administrative requirements : French citizens – Passport valid 6 months after return date. Other nationalities : please contact your embassy or consulate.

Health : no vaccinations required

Language spoken : The official language is Spanish and several dialects are also spoken. The lodge staff speak English or French

Time : 6 hours difference with France (when it is noon in France, it is 6 am in Chili)

Climate : this region has a temperate climate

Currency : Chilean peso but the US dollar is widely accepted

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