Welcome to this region of Patagonia where rainbow and brown trout, Chinook and Coho salmon abound. A new place in paradise in the southern hemisphere with fishing between November and April. We have managed to negotiate good rates for this sector which is deservedly renowned worldwide for its fishing. Lake fishing or river fishing in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Yelcho or the rivers Palena, Yelcho and Futaleufu.

Are you ready for the magnificent landscapes of Patagonia?
-Do you fly fish or spin?
-Do you want to fish for big trout in winter and maybe have a go at salmon?
-Do you want the help and advice of a fishing guide?
-Do you want to spend winter holidays with your family and combine fishing with outdoor activities?

Then this is the destination for you!

10 days departure Europe/ return Europe
7 nights, 6 days fishing
DAY 1 International flight
DAY 2 Arrival in Esquel. Pick up at airport. Transfer to the lodge (around 4 hours) Preparation of equipment. Dinner
DAY 3 TO 8 6 days fishing with guide
DAY 9 Transfer from the lodge to the airport in Esquel then return flight to Europe via Buenes Aires
DAY 10 Arrival in Europe


Please consult us for rates in euros

NB For 4 anglers or for a family, accommodation possible in a chalet


The geography of Chili, with its unique diversity, is what some people call ‘crazy’. The country extends 4300 km from north to south and only 200 km from east to west. It is 6000 m above sea level. The variety of landscapes – rocky peaks, volcanos, deep canyons, deserts, fjords, glaciers, emerald lakes and golden beaches – are what makes Chili so unique. This is where we invite you to discover the region of Palena and ,in exclusivity, the Yelcho Lodge.


With its twenty years of experience, the Yelcho Lodge is one of the best in the south of Chili. The friendly staff are all nature lovers and will make sure you have an unforgettable stay. The Lodge offers different types of accommodation and you can choose between a hotel room or a chalet.

The Hotel
The hotel has 8 comfortable rooms overlooking the lake with bathroom en-suite.
You will find a bar, a restaurant, a lounge, a pleasant deck where you can relax after a good day’s fishing and a souvenir shop. You will also have access to satellite TV and internet.
The well-stocked tackle shop is a good place to buy material specific to the region or to replace any lost or broken equipment.

The Chalets
The lodge also has 6 chalets which are located just a few metres from the most beautiful beaches on Lake Yelcho. These are ideal for groups or families and are available for a minimum of 4 people.
Each chalet has a fully-equipped kitchen, a lounge with fireplace, a deck overlooking the lake and a barbecue. These wooden chalets are a real home from home and each is separate from the others.

The Restaurants
Good food and excellent wines are an essential part of Chilean culture and the restaurant will provide you with both. The menus combine traditional dishes with international food with a wide selection of meat, seafood, patés and local produce. All meals are served with wine, chosen among the 65 types of Chilean wine.
As well as these menus, the Chef will also propose his ‘dish of the day’ made with the best ingredients. The restaurant also has its own ‘Quincho’ – the traditional roast lamb (usually prepared for your last evening). A custom not to be missed!

The Bar
At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than exchanging your stories with your friends, old or new, over a drink. You are sure to appreciate the local cocktails served at the bar.
White or red, the Yelcho has one of the best wine collections in the region and once a week they organise a wine-tasting evening with local cheeses.

Non-fishing guests
Apart from fishing, the Yelcho in Patagonia has a wide range of activities for guests such as hiking, horse-riding, mountain-biking for those who want to venture into the forest or kayaking on the lake. There are a lot of paths and mountain-bike tracks around the resort to take you into the great outdoors. Other excursions , such as a visit to the glaciers, the Yelcho and El Amarillo or to the Pumalin park with its superb waterfalls can be arranged. The region also has rafting on the Rio Futaleufu or trekking around the Cheiten volcano.


Lake Yelcho is famous for fly-fishing thanks to the abundance of trout and to its temperate climate. The biggest trout caught to date was 17 kilos! ( a national record on the fly). The river Futaleufu flows into the lake in this vast area of unspoiled nature and , as you cast, you will be able to admire the landscapes : stunningly beautiful glaciers, dense forests, and emerald waters.

The Yelcho river runs out of Lake Yelcho and then flows to Chaiten Bay in the Corcovado Gulf. This river is fed by the rivers Futaleufu, Correntoso, Cascada, Enredadera and Malito and runs for 46 km. With its 360 m3/sec, it is perfect for big trout. The Yelcho river is the ideal place for the experience of a lifetime : just make sure you take some photos as proof when you go home!

There are other places to explore in the region. The Futaleufu , which flows into Lake Yelcho, is famous for its rapids and an excellent spot to cast your line.
The Michinmahuida is interesting at the beginning of the season before the snow melts and is excellent for fishing from the bank. Several small lagoons near the lake are home to big specimens.
All your outings at Yelcho are accompanied by a professional fishing guide.

The Fish
Fishing in Patagonia is varied. You can catch rainbow, seatrout, brook trout (salvelinus fontinalis) as well as Chinook, Atlantic and Coho salmon, depending on the season.

Fishing seasons
The season in Yelcho runs from mid-November to the end of April and during this time you can fish for rainbow, native trout and seatrout.
For Chinook, fishing is from early February to the end of April when you will have a chance of catching a specimen of over 25 kg

Fishing methods
Those fly-fishing will target brown trout or rainbow with a chance of catching an Atlantic salmon or a silver. The choice of fly depends on the species you are fishing…. But dry flies work well on brown trout and rainbow while streamers are good for salmon and big brown trout.
In the lake big dragonfly-style flies are used. Sometimes the lakes are covered in them and at this moment dry flies are the best way to catch a trophy trout of 5 to 10 kg.
Spinning is good for Kings in the river. The King can be taken on a fly but spinning gives more regular results. Big white Kings are present in these rivers and catches of 20kg are common, making for unforgettable combats. It is common to catch between one and five big fish a day.

The Boats
Fishing on the lakes and rivers can be done from one of the boats or rafts available at the Lodge. There are 3 fibreglass 6 m boats with 50 HP engines, 2 rafts for the Yelcho river and 2 aluminium Triton boats with 20 HP engines.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons
The season in Yelcho runs from mid-November to the end of April and during this time you can fish for rainbow, native trout and seatrout.
For Chinook, fishing is from early February to the end of April when you will have a chance of catching a specimen of over 25 kg

Useful Info

Administrative requirements : French citizens – Passport valid 6 months after return date. Other nationalities : please contact your embassy or consulate.

Health : no vaccinations required

Language spoken : The official language is Spanish and several dialects are also spoken. The lodge staff speak English or French

Time : 6 hours difference with France (when it is noon in France, it is 6 am in Chili)

Climate : this region has a temperate climate

Currency : Chilean peso but the US dollar is widely accepted

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