Sette Cama Village Fishing

Extraordinary fishing in the African sun – a magical destination for anglers!
-if you like fishing and African wildlife
-if you really want to discover wonderful spots
-if you appreciate a friendly welcome
-if you like to combat big fish

Then, whether you’re alone, in a group of anglers, or with your partner, this is the destination for you.


Gabon is in the west of the African continent and borders Equatorial Guinea to the north-west, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of Congo to the south and east , and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. 80% of its territory is covered in forest and the average density of population is 4 people per km 2.

The village of Sette Cama is located at the southern entrance to the Loango National Park, one hour by boat from Gamba across the Ndougou Lagoon or one hour by car on a track through the savannah and forest.


Most fishing in Gabon is done in the estuary of the lagoons where the fish lie depending on the tides to enjoy the food brought by the brackish water. Fishing is possible on foot or by boat. There are abundant species of fish near the shore or, weather permitting, further off the coast. The lagoon is also very productive and often forgotten by anglers. As for the species, the choice is vast! : Red snapper, barracuda, captain fish, otolith, sharks, jacks, guitarfish, leerfish and, of course , the king tarpon.

The local guides will take you to the different spots and give you all the advice you may need. They were brought up here and know every nook and cranny of the lagoon. Many fishing methods are possible here : popper, bait, surf casting, boat fishing and you can even give fly-fishing a go. As fishing depends on the tides, the day often starts very early before dawn and stops at the end of the morning. Anglers often have a siesta in the afternoon (or fish in the lagoon) before heading off again at sunset until late.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons : October to April

Useful Info

Administrative requirements
French citizens : a biometric passport valid six months after return date and visa (60 euros for normal application for the visa itself. The visa must be requested through VISA TROPICAL and there is an extra charge for their service. PLEASE NOTE : a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for the visa and a vaccination certificate is required.
Other nationalities : Please contact your embassy or consulate

Health :
Vaccinations required : Yellow fever (vaccination certificate required for visa). I injection at least 10 days before departure.
Antimalarial treatment recommended. Ask your doctor for advice

Language spoken : French (official) Fang is the main dialect in Gabon

Time : I hour behind France only in summer (in summer, when it is noon in France, it is 11 am in Gabon)

Climate : Tropical

Currency : CFA franc.

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