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Do you want to get away from it all and enjoy a tailor-made stay where you can combine fishing, relaxation, excursions, night-life, friends……?
With you family or friends, come and meet the team who can make your dreams come true.

Several options depending on the season and what you are looking for.
-fishing camp
-combined option


Located between the equator and the tropic of Capricorn, Madagascar offers a stunning variety of landscapes : coral reefs, sandy beaches, Traveller’s Palms, baobabs, aquatic jungles, savannah. The north-west coast is protected by a coral barrier reef. Although the island has now only part of its primary forest, it is still one of the richest places on earth in terms of biodiversity with a wealth of species of both flora and fauna.

Diego Suarez is the last region in the north of Madagascar before the sea. The coast is steeped in history and custom and has managed to hold on to its superb natural environment, its rich culture and its traditions. As a visitor, you will undoubtedly discover the very soul of the region of the ‘Antakarana’, and their legendary hospitality.
The name Diego Suarez will instantly conjure up varied coastlines, the magic meeting of two seas – the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel, which is why the waters are home to so many fish , its famous bays, its Pain du Sucre, and the recent marine reserve in the ‘Baie du Courrier’, an unspoiled paradise where whales come to give birth and seek shelter from April to October.
Yet there is still another Diego Suarez, a secret one inland, with its parks, reserves, villages and, above all , its people .
These bays, shrouded in their trade winds and microclimates, hold treasures which, as legend has it, only open up to those who know how to appreciate nature, culture, silence, and authenticity.


Hotel and Spa in Diego Suarez
The hotel and its rooms were completely refurbished in 2014. The 19 rooms in the heart of Diego Suarez are spacious and have a neo-colonial style which restores the spirit of yesteryear Diego. All have a private balcony.
The suites have a living-room, kitchen and separate bedroom. All the rooms are 24m2, the suites 60 m2, and are equipped with a free wifi connection, flat-screen tv, minibar, a large desk, shower and toilet, air-conditioning, a safety-deposit box, and a living area with two armchairs and a coffee table.

The hotel also has:
a Beach Club for its guests in Sakalava Bay where, for 20000 ar per day, you can have a shuttle service, a deckchair and parasol, 1 bottle of water per person, access to the bar-restaurant.
A relaxation and wellness centre (spa) with a massage room and a room for aromatic baths. All massages are carried out by professionals who will advise on what is best for you.

Courrier Bay Camp
The camp is on the Mozambique Channel, to the west of Diego Suarez (42 km) in Courrier Bay which is a marine reserve on Nosy Hara, an archipelago of islands where whales come to give birth and seek shelter from April to October.
To get there, you will go through the village of Anamakia, the salt marshes, vast mangroves, savannah and baobabs. We will pass by Windsor Castle, ( a good land excursion) which rises to 391 km, before arriving at our base camp – a small traditional village with its bungalows by the sea.
Simple but clean and pleasant, our base camp is perfectly sheltered in a small bay in the reserve, just in front of the fishing and spearfishing spots.

The Catamaran
Fishing cruises with the live-a-board catamaran are possible for a minimum of 4 days fishing (3 days and 3 nights full-board with accommodation on the catamaran)

This option allows us to fish the more remote areas: to the north-east or north-west the famous Cap D’Ambre, to the south-east the Ankao isles or other paradisiacal places, to the south-west the famous Cape Saint Sebastien – all depends on your choice and on the weather conditions

We can be on these virtually untouched hotspots at dawn which gives us 3 extra hours fishing and takes away the tiring daily return trips.

According to weather conditions, we moor on the banks, in the bays or behind sheltered isles. On board there are 4 double cabins which can cater for 4 to 8 people (anglers and non-fishing guests) but for more than 5 anglers an extra boat will be needed.

Our recently-designed, modern catamaran offers all the comfort you need from a hotel base on a fishing cruise
-4 double cabins
-watermaker, solar energy
-spacious interior and exterior
-VHF, satellite telephone and internet
-lifeboat, etc

We will be completely independent and able to reach the most remote paradisiacal spots.
During the day we can recharge your phone and camera batteries. However, no hair-dryers or electric shavers on board and no laundry.
For you comfort, it’s best to use bags rather than rigid suitcases. Please inform us of any special diets or needs.


Organisation of your fishing adventure
We offer different types of tours with different durations, with or without no-fishing days. Whatever you want , we can adapt the tour to suit!

If you are travelling alone and would like to join a group to bring down the cost : contact us for details

Our fishing zone is vast and is one of the top ten in the world for poppers and jigging. On the east coast it stretches for over 60 nautical miles, from the famous Cap D’Ambre to the extreme north of Madagascar and through Diego Bay to the south of the Ankomba islands and the Ankao archipelago right to the doors of the town of Vohémar. On the west coast, it stretches for 50 nautical miles from the Cap D’Ambre, through the famous Courrier Bay, Cape San Sebastien right to the Mitsio islands.
Your guides will be Philippe, Nicolas or Bruno – all French and all crazy about fishing!

Ten years of experience and adventures to find the right spots have given us the knowledge we need to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Depending on the season, fishing can be organised as follows:

-on a daily basis, (around 10 h/day) from your hotel on board the Emerald 1 or 11, 10m x 3m, equipped with two 100 hp Yamaha engines, fighting chairs, VHF, GPS, satellite telephone, plotter, sounder, on the east coast
-with accommodation in a bungalow with full-board on the coast for Courrier Bay (basic comfort but pleasant and clean) on the west coast
-with accommodation on a catamaran only or combined with another option (possible for Diego and Courrier Bay)

Fish species :kingfish, red snapper, wrasse, barracuda, jobfish, rays, sharks, grouper, king mackerel, dog tooth tuna, dorado, sailfish, marlin etc

Our records:
Popper : GT 63kg, TDC 63kg, Grouper 40 kg, Shark 90 kg, Yellowfin tuna 42kg, Swordfish 50 kg, Wahoo 30 kg, Barracuda 32 kg, sailfish 252 kg etc

Jigging : GT 55 kg, TDC 78 kg, Grouper, 120 kg, Napoleon fish 42 kg, Shark 250 kg, Yellowfin tuna 34 kg, Swordfish 40 kg, Wahoo 33 kg, Barracuda 28 kg etc

Handlines and jigging are good for grouper, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo etc
Trolling along the coastline will give you a chance at most species of predatory fish and billfish.

Fishing seasons

Fishing in Diego Bay and surroundings on the east coast – from December to March
Suitable for experienced anglers in good physical condition as days are tough and exceptional….. But motivated beginners are welcome!
The size of the fish in the Indian Ocean is really exceptional and it is not rare to catch several record fish in one day.
Giant Trevally can reach 70 kg, dogtooth tuna 100 kg, groupers 100 kg, and there are lots of other species, – shark, yellowfin tuna, red snapper, dolphinfish, marlin etc

You will choose the fishing spots with your guide depending on the season, the weather and the species you want to fish. Various fishing methods can be used : trolling, poppers, jigging etc

We are often lucky enough to come across our friends the dolphins, manta rays, turtles and whales, which makes for a day rich in emotions. A must at least once in your life

Option East Coast (Diego Bay and surroundings)
Option 1 : Accommodation in a hotel in Diego
Different durations possible, contact us for your programme

Option 2 : Combined stay – Hotel in Diego + catamaran
Different durations possible, contact us for your programme

Fishing in Courrier Bay, West coast – April-May, October-November
Courrier Bay, a marine reserve, is located on the Mozambique Channel side to the west of Diego
Transfer by 4X4 of around one and a half hours in the morning, or the day before early afternoon for a minimum of one days fishing and one night on site. Fishing in a bay with one of the biggest fish populations in the world in the marine reserve of Nosy Hara with its archipelago of coral reefs. On the way you will discover the village of Anamaka, salt marshes, vast mangroves, savannah and baobabs. We will pass by Windsor Castle, ( a good land excursion) which rises to 391 km, before arriving at our base camp – a small traditional village with its bungalows by the sea.

Option West coast (Courrier Bay and surroundings)

Option 1 : Combined – Hotel in Diego +camp in Courrier Bay
Different durations possible, contact us for your programme

Option 2 : Combined – Hotel in Diego + camp in Courrier Bay and / or catamaran
Different durations possible, contact us for your programme

Useful Info

Administrative requirements:
French citizens : A passport valid at least six months after date of return. A visa can be obtained in France or on arrival in Madagascar. Please check with the Embassy or Madagascar.
Other nationalities : please contact your embassy or consulate

Health advice : Before departure: we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor and check that you are up to date with your vaccinations. An anti-malarial treatment is recommended as are vaccinations for tetanos, typhoid and hepatitis A and B. With regard to your first-aid kit, there are five well-stocked pharmacies in Diego Suarez which have all but specialised treatments (diabetes, etc)
Recommendations : Precautions are the same as in all tropical countries. Beware of mosquito bites as they can transmit malaria – use mosquito nets, repellent, and wear long-sleeved shirts.
Swimming – Do not swim in lakes, rivers and rice fields which are often infested with bilharzia, a parasite which attacks the nervous and urinary system.
Drinks : Only drink unopened bottled water and do not eat raw vegetables.
Security : Diego is a quiet, safe town. However, do respect simple rules when you travel : do not show your money, do not take out wads of banknotes, always carry an identity card and a photocopy of your passport. If you go off the beaten track, make sure you have a guide.

Language : The official language is malgasy but many local people speak some French. You should be able to make yourself understood. Our guides and hotel staff speak French.

Time : Despite being a far-off destination, there is only a slight time difference. Plus one hour compared to France in summer and plus two in winter.

Climate : Madagascar had an intertropical climate. Dry season from April to October with a winter period from June to August and a wet season from November to March.

Clothes: Comfortable and casual. Bring a rain jacket and a pair of trainers (sneakers) for the excursions. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent! During the winter period bring a pullover and trousers to visit the Ambre Mountain. The sun is hot in Diego so bring sun screen, sunglasses, hat…..

Currency: the ariary. In November 2014, 1€ = 3000 ar. The bank network is private and the banks are the same in all towns. They are open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 11 am and from 2.30 to 4 pm. You can use cash or traveller’s cheques in euros. Credit cards are useful to withdraw cash and most banks have ATMs
Please note : You cannot bring ariary back to France so try to calculate what you need and readjust if necessary at the end of your stay

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