The Four Rivers

Fishing trip Mongolia – The Four Rivers’ Lodge

Here, at the Four Rivers Lodge, we have created one of the most comfortable locations in the country.
Mongolia is considered today as the new El Dorado for fishermen. How could anyone not be enthralled by these vast open spaces, void of any civilization, and by rivers which have kept the magnificence of the day of their creation? Mongolia really can be the trip of a lifetime if you are willing to take an interest in its people and are ready to enter a culture so different from our own.

So, if :
you’re a fly fishermen eager to discover new horizons
you’re ready and willing to change your European life-style
you’re a nature lover but want to keep a certain level of comfort
you’re alone or in a group of anglers

Then come and discover Mongolia with us!

Your itinerary
(subject to change depending on transfers and weather condtions)
The length of the stay can be adapted to suit your availability.

DAY 1 :
International flight from Europe to Ulan Batar in Mongolia
DAY 2 :
Arrival in Ulan Batar in Mongolia.
Domestic flight from Ulan Batar to Murun.
Road transfer from Murun to the Lodge (About 3 hours drive).
DAY 3 TO DAY 10 : Fish and relax (number of days at the lodge depends on the date chosen.)
DAY 11 :
Road transfer from the Lodge to Murun. Domestic flight from Murun to Ulan Batar.
Transfer from airport to your hotel. Dinner in a restaurant in Ulan Batar. Night in standard hotel in Ulan Batar.
DAY 12 :
Transfer from your hotel to the airport. International flight from Ulan Batar to Europe.


Mongolia is three times larger than France and has 2.3 million inhabitants, 1 million of whom live in the capital, Ulan Bator. The Mongolian people are mainly nomads, with huge herds of cows, horses, sheep, yaks and goats, all grazing on the steppe.


New in 2015 : Fly-fishing and spinning (lures) will be allowed on three of the four rivers. The Delgermoron will be reserved for fly-fishing only.

Pools in abundance
Our fishery covers 150 km rich in interesting pools. You will have the privilege of fishing four rivers : Chuluut, Ider, Delger and Selenge. Thanks to the jet-boats, you will have an easy access to the pools.

The Taimen – as the Huchon is called in Mongolia – can reach record sizes. The average size of 80 cm is already impressive so just imagine that a lot of fish are over 1.20 m and that the largest can reach 1.50m. Fishing for taimen is an exciting challenge and each cast is a chance to hook a big specimen , which might just be the catch of your life!

A surge of adrenalin
Taimen like big flies, preferably those with lots of glitter. You can also try imitation mice on the surface and we can guarantee that surge of adrenalin when the taimen explodes on your mouse. However, each attack does not end up with a fish on the riverbank .

Don’t forget about the lenok and grayling !
Taimen are not the only fish in Mongolia and the waters you will fish are full of lenok trout ,reputedly the oldest species of trout in the world, and grayling. The lenok measure on average between 35cm and 85 cm and grayling can weigh up to a kilo. In the Khovsgol Province the grayling are among the biggest in the world. Most fishermen heading for Mongolia only think about taimen and forget all about these magnificent trout but they’re well worth your attention and if you enjoy fishing dry flies, nymphs and streamers you may catch thirty one-kilo trout per day. Grayling are also present, moving in shoals in the river currents.


The Lodge : Four rivers run through it….. Chuluut, Delger, Ider and Selenge
The lodge is in a unique setting at the junction fo these four rivers. The pools are easily accessible by jet-boat and some can be accessed on foot from the lodge : ideal for those who want to fish early morning or late evening. Accommodation in Mongolia is usually rudimentary but this lodge, one of the best in the country, offers high-quality comfort. A sauna is available in the evening and you will also find a small tackle shop for flies, lines etc as well as fly-tying facilities. Those who want to sample a more traditional type of accommodation can stay in a ger by the river-side.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons: June, August, September, October

Useful Info

Administrative requirements
French citizens : Good news! A visa is no longer required for a stay in Mongolia. You just need a passport valid for 6 months after your return date.

Other nationalities : please contact your embassy.

Health : No vaccination required but vaccination for hepatitis recommended.

Language: Mongolian. An interpretor will be present at your arrival in Ulan Batar and during your stay.

Time: 7 hours ahead of France in winter and 6 in summer (in August, when it is noon in France it is 6 pm in Ulan Batar.

Climate: Continental climate, generally dry. Temperatures are usually pleasant (15° to 25°C) It is cooler in September. And no mosquitos!

Currency : The togrog. It is preferable to take dollars or euros for your stay. Credit cards are accepted in Ulan Batar.

Important information about road transfers in Mongolia
Traveling in Mongolia is a little bit special. It’s a vast country with more tracks than roads and you may have to stop over in a ger on the way to your destination. This is all part of the excitement of the trip as you will see how the Mongolians live day to day and our Russian mini-vans will be part of the adventure. These 4X4s are known for their reliability and are the only ones able to follow the steepest of tracks or cross rivers in flood after a sudden thunderstorm.

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