Tsaatan Lodge

-you fly-fish or spin and are eager to discover new horizons
-you want to find the sort of trout and grayling fishing that can be found nowhere else
-you want to challenge yourself to catching a taimen
-you dream of crystal-clear rivers, unspoiled landscapes and getting away from the civilized world
-you already know Mongolia and want to discover new opportunities

Then come with us to the Tsaatan 2 lodge in the north-west of Mongolia

(subject to change depending on transfers and weather conditions)

Day 1
International flight from Europe to Ulan Bator

Day 2
Arrival in Ulan Bator. *
Private charter to Bor Tolgoi (2.5 hours)
Installation at the lodge

Day 3 to Day 10

Day 11
Private charter to Ulan Bator.* Transfer to your hotel.
Night in standard hotel

Day 12
Transfer to Ulan Bator airport. International flight back to Europe


The Geography of Mongolia
Here, in the Khovsgol Province of Northern Mongolia, you will discover mountain rivers like the Tengis or its wider neighbours the Sharga and the Shishkid flowing through the taiga and the rich coniferous forests. The region is also home to a large number of lakes including the White Lake which gave its name to the village of Tsagaan Nuur. Some Mongolians belonging to the Bouriat and Tsataan ethnic groups have chosen to maintain the traditions of their ancestors and continue to make a living from hunting, gathering, and breeding their reindeer. Others have chosen to gather in small wooden houses clustered together to make up the villages trading with nearby Russia. In this area you will come across remote spots where no-one has ever fished and, as you explore, that big surprise is just one cast away. Any traveller visiting Mongolia will go home not only with the memories of its spectacular landscape but also with the privilege of having discovered the way of life and the values of its ancient culture. One taste of it and all you will want is to go back.


You will fish three rivers

The Taimen
The taimen – as the huchon is called in Mongolia – can reach record sizes. This fish is a fierce predator and is known by the Mongolians as ‘The River Wolf’. It can devour prairie dogs, ducklings and squirrels and when it’s not eating its usual prey, it can also go for dry flies.
The average length of 80 cm is already impressive but many fish can reach 1.20 m and it is not so rare to come across fish of 1.50 who are estimated to be 50 years old. Fishing for taimen is a particularly exciting challenge and the fight will take your breath away. Just imagine casting an imitation mouse and waiting for the attack on your lure…. A huge head leaps out of the water and the mouth of the monster demolishes your fly.

The ‘Tuul’ (taimen in Mongolian), no matter how he decides to fight with you, will undoubtedly be the biggest freshwater fish you will ever have taken on a dry fly.

Thanks to our catch and release policy, all of these magnificent fish are returned to the water where they will continue to terrorize the local population of fish and small mammals. Taimen will attack large flies, especially if they have a lot of glitter. Imitation mice are also worth a try and we guarantee a surge of adrenaline when that huge taimen hits the surface. Spinning (lures) is also very efficient at the lodge

lenok and grayling!
Taimen are not the only fish in Mongolia and the waters you will fish are full of lenok trout ,reputedly the oldest species of trout in the world, and grayling. The lenok measure on average between 35cm and 85 cm and grayling can weigh up to a kilo. In the Khovsgol Province the grayling are among the biggest in the world. Most fishermen heading for Mongolia only think about taimen and forget all about these magnificent trout but they’re well worth your attention and if you enjoy fishing dry flies, nymphs and streamers you may catch thirty one-kilo trout per day. Grayling are also present, moving in shoals in the river currents.


The lodge is located at the North-Western point of the Khovsgol Province and is at the junction of the Tengis and Shishged rivers.
It boasts a main building, with kitchen and restaurant, a room with fly-tying facilities and a lounge where you can relax, have a drink, and talk about your day’s fishing.
A second building houses bathroom facilities (sauna, wash-basins, showers). The bedrooms are situated in twin cabins, I triple cabin and one heated ger. The last building is reserved for our staff (camp managers, guides, interpreters and cooks) All our personnel will do their utmost to make your stay a comfortable and pleasant one.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons: June, August, September

Useful Info

Administrative requirements
For French citizens:
Good news : Visas are no longer necessary for a trip to Mongolia. All you need is a passport valid for 6 months after your return.
For citizens of other countries, please contact your embassy.

There are no obligatory vaccinations. Hepatitis vaccination recommended.

Language spoken
You will have an interpreter at the airport and during your stay.

Seven hours ahead in winter and six in summer. (in August, when it’s twelve noon in France, its 6 pm in Ulan Bator)

Continental climate
The weather is generally dry. Temperatures in summer are quite pleasant (15 to 28°C). It can be chilly in September

The local currency is the togrog but it’s preferable to take dollars or euros for your trip. Credit cards are accepted in Ulan Bator.

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