Alaska Lake PAC Voyages de pêche

Alaska – Lake Creek

Alaska has always been a favourite destination for Pac Voyages and we have been organising trips to the various extraordinary spots of this region for over 30 years. This year we are keeping  Lake Creek and its great lodge…

Alaska talachulitna PAC Voyages de pêche

Alaska – Tal River

The Talachulitna river seems to have been created with the sole ambition of making fishermen happy. Its crystal-clear waters flow through the Alaskan wilderness, more than 100 km from the nearest road.

Colombie Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Canada – British columbia

British Columbia is a prime destination for fly-fishing. We have chosen a lodge which is managed by a well-known guide and which is located near the best stretches of the region’s rivers. This lodge, which sits in the Skeena River watershed…

Canada Yukon Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Canada – Yukon

The Yukon territory is Canada’s ‘Last Frontier’, located in the north-west of the country. It’s a mountainous forest-clad region which is bordered by the Beaufort Sea to the north, by Alaska to the west, by the Northwest Territories…

Canada Miramichi Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Canada – Miramichi Lodge

The Miramichi is in Canada, on the east coast of New Brunswick, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The Northwest Miramichi has its origins in the Big Bald Mountains which are part of the Appalachian chain.