This trip in July to the land of the midnight sun beyond the arctic circle has been part of our programme for many years and some of you have become unconditional fans of this great spot. Looking for salmo salar her is a real pleasure as you can, in a superb setting, fish morning, evening…. And in the middle of the night!
So, if:
-you are a fan of Atlantic salmon, preferably on the fly
-you are looking for a simple but friendly atmosphere
-you are a nature lover
-you are alone, with your partner or in a group of anglers

Then this is the destination for you!

8 days, 7 nights, 6 days fishing (we can organise 2 week tours)

Day 1 :
Flight. Pick up at the airport then transfer by road to the Neiden. Dinner in the restaurant
Day 2 to 7 : Fishing. As you will be travelling at the midnight sun season, the fishing days are endless!
Day 8 : Breakfast then transfer by road to the airport. Return flight


Norway, or Norge in Norwegian, is a country which combines superb landscapes with great hospitality, located in the north of Europe, to the west of the Scandinavian peninsula. The north of the country is sparsely populated and is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Norway extends beyond the arctic circle and is the perfect place to admire the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. Here, the sun never sets from the middle of May to the end of July. Light sleepers be warned!


The Neiden is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and is pristine year-round. It’s a large river which can be fished for over 20 km. A succession of pools, 10 or 20 m high waterfalls and faster-flowing stretches will give you a multitude of spots to look for salmon. Average fish weigh around 4 kg but some specimens of 15 to 20 kg are caught every year.
Salmon are the most sought-after fish but the river is also home to trout and big grayling (1.5kg). Seatrout (up to 10 kg) run later in the season.

Fishing methods
Fly-fishing gives good results in these clear waters, whether with a single-handed or double-handed rod. If you are fishing with dry flies, a single-handed rod is easier with a floating line as Neiden salmon always look up and you have a good chance of catching one on a dry fly in water at 18° in sunny conditions.

Some of our groups are accompanied by Piam. Thanks to his advice, fishing on the Neiden will be all the more attractive and enticing.


You will be staying in simple cabins for four persons. If you are traveling as a couple, you can reserve a cabin for two at an extra charge (toilets outside the cabin). The restaurant is in the midst of the cabins in a pleasant setting just a few metres from the river. The comfort and good food provided by our friendly hosts are a source of compliments each year. You may request a packed lunch to eat by the riverside.
A vehicle will be available so that you can try the different pools during your stay. You may also rent a boat (20€ per day). You may grill and eat the fish you catch or freeze it to bring it back with you at the end of your stay.
A sauna is available daily (about 10€ per hour)

Useful Info

Administrative requirements : Please check with your embassy or consulate

Health : No vaccinations required

Language spoken : Norwegian. Most people speak English

Time : Same time in Norway and France.

Climate: Temperate in the south with cold and cloudy winters and cool summers. Subartic in the north.

Currency: Norwegian krone

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