Come with us to discover this new destination which will extend your Atlantic Salmon fishing right up to the end of September!
-you are a fan of Atlantic Salmon fishing, either fly-fishing or spinning
-you are looking for a simple but friendly atmosphere
-you like nature and greenery

Then this is the destination for you!

Itinerary for 8 days, 7 nights, 6 days fishing

Day 1 : Departure from Paris to Stavanger. A bus will be waiting to take you to the marina where you will take a boat to Sand. After a 2-hour trip across the fjord, you will reach the majestic Suldal valley. You will be met and taken to your accommodation (10 mins away).
Day 2-7 : fishing
Day 8 : Trip back to Stavanger airport. Trip back to Paris


Norway, or Norge in Norwegian, is a country which combines superb landscapes with great hospitality, located in the north of Europe, to the west of the Scandinavian peninsula.


You will be surprised by the stunning beauty of the Suldal valley and amazed by the different shades of green, from the soft pastels of the rich meadows to the darker-coloured forests. Then, you will discover this imposing, crystal-clear river, plunging from waterfalls to pools and from pools to faster-flowing stretches. You can hear this aquatic music right to your cabin which is ideally situated just 200 m from the pools and the awaiting salmon – the perfect place to dream about your next outing!
Fishing here is not exactly easy! You will have to earn your salmon and it’s best to know what you’re doing. Suldal is a big river and you will be able to fish several private stretches of 2km each. These stretches are situated in the middle, upstream and downstream and salmon are present from late July to late September.


You will stay in comfortable four-person cabins located in a pleasant area just 200 m from the river. They are fully-furnished and have a fully-equipped kitchen with cooker, fridge and dish-washer. You can also use the swimming-pool and the bar, where you can taste the excellent beers brewed by the owner himself.
You will have a vehicle at your disposal to travel from one pool to another during your stay.
Other activities are available for non-fishing guests:
Rafting, salmon safari (floating down the river with survival suit and mask), cycling, aquarium and fish-ladder visits.

Useful Info

Administrative requirements : Please check with your embassy or consulate

Health : No vaccinations required

Language spoken : Norwegian. Most people speak English

Time : Same time in Norway and France.

Climate: Temperate in the south with cold and cloudy winters and cool summers. Subartic in the north.

Currency: Norwegian krone

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