The San valley

Top-quality fishing on a well-managed river, not too far away and reasonably-priced

So, if:
-you fly-fish
-you are looking for a pleasant holiday not too far away for an affordable price
-you would like to be accompanied to choose the best spots, methods etc
-you are looking for a pleasant, friendly atmosphere
-you are alone, with a group of anglers or with your partner

Then come and discover the San valley where fishing is the king of activities

Itinerary for 8 days, 7 nights, 6 days fishing
Please note: the low-cost airline Easy Jet has direct flights to Krakow which is why we do not include the flight in the total cost. We can, however , take care of your bookings (on regular airlines only). Do not hesitate to contact us for details
Day 1
Arrival at Krakow airport. (You can also drive there with your own car) You will pick up the car rental and drive to Lesko
Arrival at the hotel and dinner
Days 2 to 7
6 days fishing with guide
Day 8
Departure from the hotel after breakfast
If you chose the option with car rental : drive back to Krakow, car rental return. End of tour (except if you booked your flights through us)

Longer or shorter stays can be organised


The San is 433km long and is the sixth longest river in Poland. Its watershed covers 16861 km2, 14390 km2 of which are in Poland It arises in the Carpathian mountains, near the village of Sianky, and for 55 km forms the border between Poland and Ukraine before flowing into the Vistula.
The superb stretch you will be fishing is located in South-east Poland, near the Ukrainian and Slovakian borders.


The No-Kill area on the San
The stretch you will be on runs for 6 km and has numerous pools, each one different from the last, which makes for varied fishing. The width of the rivers varies from 60 to 100 m and the depth from 50 cm to 2m at its deepest.

You will enjoy the wonderful brown trout (from 25 to 45 cm with some specimens of up to 70 cm) as well as the grayling (between 35 and 45 cm)
You may even come across a huchen.

It is important to know that the fish here are native species. The local authorities have made a lot of efforts over the years to keep up the population of these fish and make sure that non-native species are not introduced.

Please note that fly-fishing only is authorized (dry or wet flies, nymphs, or streamers) and all fish must be put back alive (landing net compulsory

During your stay you will be assisted by a local guide (8 hours per day) whose advice will help you to optimize your chances. These English-speaking guides know each stone in the river and will be happy to show you the stretches that they prefer. They can also supply you with the best and most efficient local flies at a small cost.


You will stay in a hotel, in a single, double or triple room depending on the option you choose. All rooms have a bathroom en suite with shower as well as satellite TV
In the evening you can have a drink in the lodge bar and exchange your day’s experiences with the other anglers. The restaurant offers family-style Polish cooking (you will particularly enjoy the soup specialities, typical of the region)
At noon you will have a packed lunch by the river-side.
The friendly hotel staff will see to it that your stay is a good one.
Please note: A choice of excursions can be organised by the hotel for non-fishing guests (please check with the hotel on arrival, not included in the price)

Fishing seasons

Season: Possible all year round (no closed season), Best from May to November

Useful Info

Administrative requirements

French citizens : valid passport or ID card

Other nationalities : please check with your embassy or consulate

Health : no vaccinations required

Language spoken : Polish, but the hotel staff and guides speak English

Time: same time zone as in France

Climate : continental climate: mild and sunny spring with frost up to mid-May. Mild summer with rain and thunderstorms possible in July. Autumn is dry and sunny in Poland

Currency ; The zloty

Electricity: as in France

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