Kamchatka Silvers & Kundja

After 30 years of experience in Alaska we can now take you on a tour on the other side of the Bering Straits, in Kamchatka. These two countries, which used to be one, have the same species of fish (depending on the season : King salmon, silvers, chum, red, pink but also rainbow trout, char, kundjas..) A rather promising destination! So, if :
-You like adventure and discovering new countries
-You’re looking for an alternative to Alaska
-You fly-fish or spin
-You’re alone or part of a group of fishermen
-You’re looking for a tour in the middle of Nature but with a minimum of comfort,

Then this is the destination for you!!!

The Tour – 11 days departure-return Europe – 10 days on site
9 nights (1 night in hotel not included + 8 nights on the river) , 7 days fishing

Day 1
Flight from Paris to Petropavlosk

Day 2
Arrival at the airport. Drive to the river (around 6 hours in normal conditions) Night in tents

From Day 3 to Day 9
Rafting and fishing on the river. Night in tents

Day 10
Return trip to Petropavlosk
Night in hotel

Day 11
Transfer to the airport
Return flight from Petropavlosk to Europe


The Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the most eastern part of Russia, to the north of Japan and to the south-west of Alaska. It’s an extremely wild territory of 472000 km2 and has 216 volcanos, 29 of which are still active. Kamchatka remains very remote, tourist facilities are not very developed, and the region is only accessible between June and September. Tourists are few and far between as the territory only opened up to foreigners at the beginning of the 1990s. The capital, Petropavlovsk-Kamtchaktski, a former military naval base was, due to its strategic location, one of the most active Soviet ports in the Pacific. The region had a population of 417900 in 1995.


Spawning beds for salmon can be found in many places on the river. Each year, king salmon, red salmon, chum, oncorhynchus kisutch, and pink salmon come here to reproduce.

Water temperature in summer and autumn varies from +6° to +10°C. The average air temperature is around 8C. In summer, day temperatures are between +14° and +25°C and night temperatures from +8° to +16°C.
Rafting down the Opala is for fishermen with high expectations, a taste for adventure and a desire to ‘get away from it all’….. in a nutshell, who want to go on the fishing trip of a lifetime!
It’s just not possible to see a tour on the Opala which is not crowned with success. Here, you can catch all the species of fish present in Kamchatka : char, rainbow trout (among the biggest in the world…..!)
The Opala River will not leave you indifferent, especially if you like rafting. You’ll enjoy the wonderful mountain scenery and be able to admire the giant volcanos, the river itself, the luxuriant forests, the hot and cold springs and the bears!


Accommodation and guides

You will be accommodated in tents for two. A large ‘dining-room’ tent also serves as a shelter or shade and is equipped with chairs and folding tables. The camps are set up near the best pools so that you can fish early morning or late evening.
The Head Guide has excellent knowledge of fishing, rafting and …… bears!
The team also has a cook and an English or French-speaking guide.

The high-quality professional rafts are 16 ft long ; they have a metal framework and powerful oars which are skillfully handled by the guides. Fishing is from the boat or shore.

Fishing seasons

Season : August to September

Useful Info

Administrative requirements

For French citizens : Passport and visas obligatory. They must be obtained before you leave France. (We will give you the information you need to get the visa)
For other nationalities : Please consult you embassy

Health : no vaccinations required

Language spoken : Russian, but the guides speak English

Time : 11 hours ahead of France (when its midday in France, its 11pm in Kamchatka)
Currency : the rouble

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