Kola - Kharlovka

We are pleased to offer a fishing lodge which is unparalleled in the world for Atlantic Salmon fishing : the Kharlovka lodge

So, if :
you’re a fan of Atlantic Salmon
you want to discover one of the most beautiful fishing lodges in the world
Then this destination is for you!


DAY 1 :Friday Flight from France to Helsinki with AIRFRANCE or FINNAIR
Night in a hotel in Helsinki (not included)
Flight from France to Murmansk via Moscow or St Petersburg. Night in hotel in Murmansk (not included)
DAY 2: Saturday Charter from Helsinki to Murmansk (organised specially by FINNAIR for those fishing the Kola Peninsula)
Tour begins :
Meet at Murmansk airport at 11.30 at the latest. Transfer by helicopter to the lodge (1hour). Arrival. Lunch After a few instructions, the group will set out to fish
Tour begins :
Meet at Murmansk airport at 11.30 at the latest. Transfer by helicopter to the lodge (1hour ). Arrival. Lunch. After a few instructions the group will set out to fish.
DAY 3 à DAY 8 : From Sunday to Friday Six days fishing. Example of a typical day :
Wake-up is at 7.30 and breakfast is available from 8am. Everyone must be ready to board the helicopter at 8.45 for a departure at 9 and fishing lasts until the helicopter comes back around 6pm. Lunch on the river bank. Pre-dinner drinks are served at 6.30pm and dinner is at 7.30pm. Fishing is possible on the home pool after dinner
DAY 9 : Saturday Breakfast
Return flight by helicopter to Murmansk. End of the tour.
Charter flight to Helsinki then flight from Helsinki to France
Return flight by helicopter to Murmansk. End of the tour.
Return flight via Moscow or St Petersbury. Depending on the times of the international flights, you may have to spend the night in Murmansk and leave on Sunday morning.

Since the Kola Peninsula opened up to western tourism in the early 90s, the rivers of this wild part of Russia have become the key place for Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar). Salmon runs from June to the end of September. Grayling and trout are also present. Each year brings its new records of specimen fish. The Yokanga in on the north coast of the pensinsula.


The Lodge
Over the last few years the Kharlovka Lodge has been transformed into a magnificent little village. You will be looked after by the qualified staff who will make sure that your stay is one of the best. All guests will be accommodated in private wooden cabins which are located in a small wood beside the legendary Kharlovka Home Pool.

All the cabins have a bathroom en-suite and are fitted with heaters, 220V European two pin plugs as well as a drying room for waders, clothes etc… The cabins are interconnected with the main lodge by a network of walkways which make sure that the fragile tundra below is preserved.

You will enjoy the top-class food served at the lodge and appreciate the lunches which include delicious Russian soups. All wines and alcohols are included as is the laundry service which will return your clothes ironed and folded the next day.

A sauna is also available and can be prepared for your arrival after your day’s fishing so that you relax after your intense fishing. You will also find a well-stocked fly-tying room. Bear in mind that you’ll be in Russia where it will be difficult to buy anything you forget to bring along.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons : From June to September

Useful Info

Catch and Release
There are a few rules you need to know about catch and release, most of which are good common sense. Only use barbless hooks, pinch the barb if needed. No treble hooks. River wardens patrol regularly and have the right to confiscate your fishing equipment if you break these rules.
Handle the fish as little as possible. Don’t land it but bring it into the shallow waters away from the main current. Don’t hold the fish by its tail, use both hands underneath. If you want to take a photo, be quick and keep the fish out of water as little as possible.

Administrative requirements
French citizens : you will need to get a visa (on your passport which must be valid for 6 months after your return) to enter Russia. We can help you with this.
The request for a visa may not be made more than three months before your departure for Russia. We usually receive the invitations you need for the visa at the end of April and will send you the information then.

Other citizens : Please check with your embassy.

Proof of travel insurance is vital if you want to reserve a tour on the Yokanga. Please send us a copy of your insurance certificate with the questionnaire we will send you at a later date.

Health : No vaccinations required
Please inform us in advance of any health problem by filling in the questionnaire we will send you at a later date. We have a first-aid kit at the lodge but you should take any personal medication with you

Language spoken : Russian. On site, the guides speak English

Time : One hour ahead of France (When it’s midday in France, it’s 1pm in Kola)
Currency : The currency in Russia is the rouble but during your stay at the Lodge most of the services are included in the tour package. However, if you take anything extra, such as beer, wine, flies, phone calls by satellite, laundry, you will have to pay in cash (euros or dollars) as the lodge does not accept credit cards.

Drinks : Alcohol and other drinks are included in the price of your stay. Water at the lodge is filtered and fit for consumption but we also provide free bottled water. Sodas are also available free of charge.
Luggage : For transfer by helicopter, luggage is limited to one large bag maximum weight 22kg plus one piece of hand luggage of a reasonable size and one rod tube.

Helicopter : Your return trip from Murmansk to the camp will be with a Mi-8 helicopter. These helicopters are reliable and piloted by a highly-experienced team. They are used throughout Russia and in many other countries across the world and have an excellent reputation in all situations. Each day you will be taken to your fishing zone in a Eurocopter EC120.

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