The stay of your dreams…..! That’s the experience you can have on this cruise to the Amirantes Islands, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, far from the better-known isles of the Seychelles.
This comfortable catamaran will take you and your friends or partner to go fishing in a unique setting – for you and you alone! Whether you fly-fish or sea-fish, we’re waiting for you to up anchor and go!

10 days departure Europe-return Europe, 8 nights on the catamaran
Day 1 Flight to Mahé
Day 2 Arrival in Mahé airport. Pick up and transfer by taxi to Port Victoria. You will board the catamaran and leave for Port Launay
From Day 3 to Day 8 Trip to Amirantes Islands. Stops near Afrikan Banks, Saint Joseph, Poivre et Desroches* On fishing days you can reach the flats with the dinghy
Day 9 Return trip to Port Victoria. Night at berth
Day 10 Transfer by taxi to the airport. Return flight

* Itinerary subject to change according to weather conditions or navigation

A fishing cruise …. But that’s not all!
Archipelago composed of 115 isles scattered over 400 000 km2, located 8000 km from Europe, the Seychelles have more aquatic and nature reserves than any other country in the world. Everything here seems to be a question of colour, from the turquoise blue of the sea to the emerald green of the lust vegetation, not to mention the amber of the sandy beaches – the Seychelles are like a necklace of pearls nestling in the rich dark blue of the Indian Ocean.

Enchanting isles
Archipelago composed of 115 isles scattered over 400 000 km2, located 8000 km from Europe, the Seychelles have more aquatic and nature reserves than any other country in the world.
The Seychelles are home to a rich variety of wildlife and vegetation : apart from the wonderful South Seas fish (there are more than 800 species) you can also find sea turtles and a host of richly-coloured birds. Fruit, plants, trees are everywhere, even the famous coco-de-mer with its suggestive form….

A prime example of unspoiled nature, the Seychelles are a quite young republic (independence in 1976) and have a population of 75000 inhabitants who speak Creole, English and French.
Once you get off the beaten track you will be able to see and appreciate not only the wonderful landscapes but also the population, renowned for their hospitality, exotic food and constant cheerfulness. Just think of those romantic moments on the sandy beaches or the walks in paradisiacal surroundings.

The Outer Islands
Composed of 5 groups of isles, the Outer Islands lie beyond the Seychelles plateau. There are 72 of them, all made of sandy banks or coral atolls, located at a distance of between 230 and 1150 km from Mahé. They are not as visited as their granitic cousins as they are more remote and these miniature primitive worlds offer a perfect home to many species of local wildlife.


Some geography…
Located over one thousand kilometres from the rest of the world, the tiny, enchanting Seychelles archipelago is the perfect way to get away from the stress and pollution of your everyday life – a place where summer never seems to end…
The Seychelles are composed of 115 islands which lie off the coast of Eastern Africa, in the Indian Ocean, the north-east of Madagascar. The capital, Victoria, is on the main island of Mahé. The population of the Seychelles is around 75000 inhabitants who live a simple life. Their hospitality has no limits as the sailors who were shipwrecked here found out… Legends of pirate treasure abound but the true treasure of the Seychelles lies in their enchanting and exotic beauty.


Description of the catamaran ‘ The Turquoise ‘ Marquise 56’ Fountaine Pajot – 17m50
Modern and spacious
Modern (renovated in 2013) , spacious, perfectly balanced, The Turquoise enjoys generous volumes and high levels of performance.
This high-tech catamaran will put you under its spell as soon as you walk on board: access is made easy by its wide, deep skirts and the large circular cockpit and catwalks mean that you can walk around the deck safely and reach the trampoline where you can sit back and relax.
You can have your meals or relax in the living room , have a drink at the bar…. All the interior is placed around a large table with a semi-circle of banquettes on the port side and a cocktail area with a coffee table and a large bar on starboard.
The living room is equipped with a DVD player, a hi-fi system for CDs with interior and exterior speakers and a satellite phone.

Technical Information
Length : 17.5m – Maximum width: 8.15m – Draft: 1.40m – Sail surface: 160m2

4 double cabins with bathroom/toilet – 1 double Skipper’s cabin- 2 crew cabins at ends – 1 crew bathroom – Showers in the skirts at the back of the boat – Kitchen/bar in the square – 16/9 TV 70cm screen – DVD – VCR – Bose speakers

Air-conditioning (restricted use at the end of the day) – fridge and freezer – Water treatment 200 l/h – Flexible sunroof awning + extension (protecting the cockpit) -2 sun-bathing areas – Teak cockpit table for 10/12 people – semi-rigid bombard 4.20 dinghy + 40 HP Yamaha engine – gennaker, spinnaker – 2 silent diving compressors (6m3 and 12m3) – 960 litre fuel reservoir – 2 x 400 litre water reservoirs – 220 volt electricity.

Autohelm Girouette automatic pilot/ multicomputer – GPS GP31 Furono, mobile GPS, automatic pilot Autohelm 7000 – Radar Furono 1832-Antenna 4KW-36NM – Probe 50/200 kHz – BLU ICOM M710 – VHF Sailor – VHF mobile – satellite telephone INMARSAT – Mini M + fax = computer interface – furuno weather reception fax, electronic barometre – double frequency Kanad emergency Iridium beacon – Advance tracking system – 2 88 HP Yanmar engines – aquaset water treatment 200 l/h

On-board safety
-Communication means : Iridium satellite, Immarsat, Blu ; automatic sarsat cospas radio beacon in case of emergency.
-The boat conforms to French safety standards (NUC)
-Health : The skipper has a level 3 medical certification and has a type 2 first-aid kit.
For diving we have 2 normo bar oxygen therapy kits


You will be able to have a go at all the species in this region of the Indian Ocean, on the fly, lure or trolling.
Piam himself has trained your skipper to accompany fly-fishing tours and together they have chosen a circuit which will take you to discover some of the most beautiful spots of the Seychelles. No set programme for us! We just follow our desires – if you see a flat on the horizon, then we’ll stop for a dose of pleasure. Our skipper’s experience of the sea around the Seychelles and of its currents make him the perfect guide to visit these stunning places!
The dinghy allows you to reach the fishing spots.

The Seychelles in a catamaran
Discover the Seychelles Islands in a catamaran with crew – visit the islands, dive, and , of course, fish! Welcome on board this luxury catamaran – certainly the best way to make the most of a stay in the Seychelles. Visit an island a day and enjoy the enchanted isle stops. Admire not only the most stunning landscapes in the Indian Ocean, which have given the Seychelles their reputation but also hidden coves just waiting to put you under their spell. Untouched nature at its purest. Our polyvalent crew (skipper, cook, hostess) will make sure your fishing cruise is a perfect one. Land and sea – deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing, sailing, snorkeling, diving (at an extra charge) are how you will spend your time.

Exotic flavours and the pleasure of good food.
Our chef will delight you with his wide range of recipes and his delicious Creole-style fish dishes.

Fred, your skipper on ‘The Turqoise’
Professional skipper with a BPPV certification (Skipper’s sailing license), state-certified diving instructor, he has 20 years of experience in the Indian Ocean and an in-depth knowledge of the Seychelles. A sailing, diving and fishing enthusiast, Fred will be pleased to show you the Seychelles Islands and their great diversity of wildlife and flora.
Thanks to his reactivity and know-how you can be sure that your stay will be and unforgettable one.

Diving (not included)
The Turquoise is a Marquise which has been specially fitted for diving. 18 new aluminium blocks, Scubapro diving equipment (jacket, regulators, octopus), a choice of masks, flippers, tubas, shorties and wet-suits)
2 diving compressors 11M3/h + silent 6m3…… A 4.30 m dingy + a 40 HP Yamaha.
Fred will share his enthusiasm with you and take you to contemplate the wealth and beauty of the Seychelles ocean grounds.

Fishing seasons

Fishing seasons : from November to April

Useful Info

Administrative requirements
French citizens : no visa required. However, you will need the following documents when you arrive at the airport : a valid passport and your date of arrival and departure to and from the Seychelles, a return ticket , proof of accommodation and corresponding contacts, enough funds for the duration of your stay.
Other nationalities : please contact your consulate or embassy

Health : no vaccinations required

Languages : there are three official languages : Creole, English and French. The staff on your cruise speak French

Time : + 3 hours compared to France in winter and + 2 in summer

Climate : It’s summer all year round in the Seychelles and there is no real winter. Temperatures differ little from one month to another and are usually between 24° and 30° C
You will need summer clothes, shorts and t-shirts and hat. Tourists are requested not to walk through the streets in a bathing-suit or shirt-less. You will need warmer clothes at night or at sea.

Currency : the Seychelles rupee. In October 2014 1 euro was 16 rupees

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