Lapland – a place that Pac Voyages and Piam know well on the Norwegian side with their experience in organising salmon fishing tours there for many years. This is a completely different tour in a superb region of Swedish Lapland where nature is omnipresent and where you will be stunned just as much by the beauty of the region as by the fishing.

So, if :
your first objective is to fish in a wonderful setting
You fly-fish or spin
You’re with a partner, a group of friends or your family
You want to stay in natural surroundings but with a maximum of comfort

Then come and join Lars Malmstrom and his wife Kaisu in Rajamaa!

Itinerary for 8 days, 7 nights, 6 days fishing

Day 1
Arrival in Rovaniemi or Kittila*
Pick up and transfer to Rajamaa
Arrival in your chalet. Dinner

Days 2 to 7
Fishing and relaxation
For five of the six days you will have a guide (6 hours a day)

Day 8
Return trip to Kittila or Rovaniemi*

We can book the flights for you : please contact us for details

Depending on flight schedules

There are flights to Kittila or Rovaniemi via Helsinki with Finnair. We can deal with your bookings (cost : 45 euros per person)


Sweden is the third largest country in western Europe. It has 38459km of interior waterways, 150000 islands, 96000 lakes and 7624km of coastline. Your fishing adventure will take place in the north of Lapland in the country of the midnight sun, where you will be able to admire unforgettable landscapes – from the high mountains in the west to the Bothnia Gulf in the east. Here, 200 km north of the arctic circle on the border between Sweden and Finland, Lapland is at its best : pure and revitalizing air, deep forests, rivers full of fish, and mountains perfect for hiking.
Near Rajamaa the Könkämä, Muonio and Tornio Rivers form a 540 km long border between Sweden and Finland. This wilderness is the meeting-point of three cultures : Swedish, Finnish and Saami.
The camp is located on a small island in the middle of the Muonio River and overlooks the two countries.
Just think of the adventures awaiting you here in an unspoiled natural setting with the chance to meet the Saami people and their culture.
As the sun never sets, fishing can be 24 hours a day!


The advantage of this tour is that you will have the opportunity to be with a guide for 5 of your 6 days fishing. A fishing guide is an essential element of a stay, even for experienced anglers, as he knows not only the river but also the methods and lures suited to the local fish. Fishing techniques can be different from one country to the other so take our advice : Follow the guide!

River fishing
You will be fishing mainly the Muonio River: this river forms the border between Sweden and Finland and is famous for grayling fishing.
You will walk to the river as the best spots are just a few metres from your chalet. The river divides into several smaller sidestreams around the camp, making fishing even better.
During the season, waders are recommended and the river is particularly suited to fly-fishing. Anglers who prefer to spin are also very welcome.

Lake fishing
There are several lakes in the region which have good possibilities for pike fishing (French record here : a 1.18 m pike!)
The Wetlands as they are called here have a large number of lakes which are home to perch and pike. Fishing is possible from the shore or by boat. Fly-fishing also possible.


You will stay in comfortable chalets for 2 or 4 people : mini-kitchen and bathroom in each chalet as well as a drying-cupboard (very useful for waders!)
You will have full-board – breakfast in the restaurant, packed lunch which you can organise ‘à la carte’, dinner in the restaurant : family-style traditional cooking (you will be able to taste a delicious dish made with reindeer)

Fishing seasons

Seasons : 15th June to 15th September with a few variations depending on the species being fished

Useful Info

Administrative requirements

French citizens : Valid passport or ID card

Other nationalities : please check with your embassy or consulate

Health : no vaccinations required

Language spoken : Swedish. The Saami population in the north speak Saami and there are some Finnish minorities. Children learn English from 9 years on. Your host, Lars, speaks a little French

Time : Same time zone as France

Climate: Semi-continental thanks to the Gulf Stream. The Far North has a sub-arctic climate

Currency : Swedish krona

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