Cuba Cayo Cruz PAC Voyages de pêche

Cuba – Cayo cruz & Cayo Romano

Located on the north shore of the island of Cuba in the sector called the King’s Gardens, Cayo Cruz/Cayo Romano is an exceptional fishing area composed of flats, lagoons and virgin estuaries. Commercial fishing in this zone is strictly forbidden…

Cuba Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Cuba – Cayo largo

Cayo Largo is a paradise for anglers who want to share with their friends or family who don’t fish. This exceptional site will give you a chance to fish for bonefish on the flats while your family enjoys the fantastic beaches, the swimming-pool…

Cuba ile jeunesse PAC Voyages de pêche

Cuba – Isle of Youth

The Isla de la Juventud or Isle of Youth is located in the south of Cuba and can be reached by plane from Havana. Its the least densely-populated area of the country with the fewest tourists. It’s also home to exceptional fishing spots…

Cuba Salina PAC Voyages de pêche

Cuba – Las Salinas

Cuba is the largest of the Antilles islands in the Caribbean and is located south of Miami, east of Mexico and north of Jamaica. Christopher Columbus mistook this beautiful, sunny, tropical country for Japan during his expedition…

Cuba Jardins Reine PAC Voyages de pêche

Cuba – The Jardines de la Reina

Named the Queen’s gardens by Christopher Columbus, the Jardines de la Reina is a chain of islands quite similar to the Florida Keys. Starting from the south-east coast of Cuba, the chain stretches for more than 100 miles to the north-west.

Seychelles Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Seychelles – Amirantes

The stay of your dreams…..! That’s the experience you can have on this cruise to the Amirantes Islands, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, far from the better-known isles of the Seychelles.