Autriche Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Austria – Schärding

Piam has been a visitor to this north-eastern part of Austria for many years and Willy, the owner of the hotel you will be staying in and a keen fly-fisherman, has become a friend. He has had the excellent idea of reserving…

Bosnie Gal Pac Voyages de pêche


Bosnia is the perfect place for fly-fishing, hunting or simply holidays. The accommodation has been specially designed for anglers and is located by the river-side. An unspoiled natural environment, fresh air, springs and unpolluted rivers…

Irlande Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Ireland  – Lake Land

Ireland is a country we all appreciate ….. From its startling greenery to its medieval castles this lovely country, well-known for the warmth of its inhabitants, is also a prime fishing destination.

Irlande Mayo Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Ireland – Mayo

A fishing holiday in one of the historical fishing paradises… In the west of Ireland, on the banks of the Moy, not far from Lough Conn, Cullent and Mask… !So, if you are already a salmon fisherman…

Norvège Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Norway – Suldal

You will be surprised by the stunning beauty of the Suldal valley and amazed by the different shades of green, from the soft pastels of the rich meadows to the darker-coloured forests. Then, you will discover this imposing…

Norvège Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Norway – Neiden

This trip  in July to the land of the midnight sun beyond the arctic circle has been part of our programme for many years and some of you have become unconditional fans of this great spot. Looking for salmo salar her is a real…

Suède Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Sweden – Saxnäs

Lapland is a destination that Pac Voyages and Piam know well as we have been organising salmon angling here for many years. This time we are taking you somewhere different, to this wonderful region of Swedish…

Suède Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Sweden – Rajamaa

Lapland – a place that Pac Voyages and Piam know well on the Norwegian side with their experience in organising salmon fishing tours there for many years. This is a completely different tour in a superb…

Pologne PAC Voyages de pêche

Poland – The San valley

The San is 433km long and is the sixth longest river in Poland. Its watershed covers 16861 km2, 14390 km2 of which are in Poland It arises in the Carpathian mountains, near the village of Sianky, and for 55 km…