Alaska Lake PAC Voyages de pêche

Alaska – Lake Creek

Alaska has always been a favourite destination for Pac Voyages and we have been organising trips to the various extraordinary spots of this region for over 30 years. This year we are keeping Lake Creek and its great lodge…

Alaska talachulitna PAC Voyages de pêche

Alaska – Tal River

The Talachulitna river seems to have been created with the sole ambition of making fishermen happy. Its crystal-clear waters flow through the Alaskan wilderness, more than 100 km from the nearest road.

Amazonie Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Amazonia – The Orinoco

Believe it or not, we really will take you into the virgin forest for a unique fishing experience. There are plenty of strange-looking fish in this sector’s main rivers but it’s the payara (or dog-fish) and the peacock bass which make the journey worthwhile.

Argentine Parana Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Argentina – Dorado

The dorado, the fabulous golden-coloured fish, is still a relatively new species for European anglers. Pac Voyages &Piam will take you to meet this mysterious species which intrigues those who fly-fish as well as those who prefer spinning.

Colombie Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Canada – British columbia

British Columbia is a prime destination for fly-fishing. We have chosen a lodge which is managed by a well-known guide and which is located near the best stretches of the region’s rivers. This lodge, which sits in the Skeena River watershed…

Canada Yukon Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Canada – Yukon

The Yukon territory is Canada’s ‘Last Frontier’, located in the north-west of the country. It’s a mountainous forest-clad region which is bordered by the Beaufort Sea to the north, by Alaska to the west, by the Northwest Territories…

Chili Petrohue Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Chili – Petrohue

For several years now, Pac Voyages has been organising a winter destination in Patagonia, Chili for trout and salmon anglers.Depending on the season, you will be able to fish King salmon, Silver salmon…

Chili Yelcho Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Chili – Yelcho

Welcome to this region of Patagonia where rainbow and brown trout, Chinook and Coho salmon abound. A new place in paradise in the southern hemisphere with fishing between November and April. We have managed …

Cuba Cayo Cruz PAC Voyages de pêche

Cuba – Cayo cruz & Cayo Romano

Located on the north shore of the island of Cuba in the sector called the King’s Gardens, Cayo Cruz/Cayo Romano is an exceptional fishing area composed of flats, lagoons and virgin estuaries. Commercial fishing in this zone is strictly forbidden…

Cuba Jardins Reine PAC Voyages de pêche

Cuba – The Jardines de la Reina

Named the Queen’s gardens by Christopher Columbus, the Jardines de la Reina is a chain of islands quite similar to the Florida Keys. Starting from the south-east coast of Cuba, the chain stretches for more than 100 miles to the north-west.

Gabon Gavilo PAC Voyages de pêche

Gabon – Gavilo

Gabon is in the west of the African continent and borders Equatorial Guinea to the north-west, Cameroon to the north, the Republic of Congo to the south and east , and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Gabon Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Gabon – Sette Cama Village Fishing

Most fishing in Gabon is done in the estuary of the lagoons where the fish lie depending on the tides to enjoy the food brought by the brackish water. Fishing is possible on foot or by boat. There are abundant species of fish near the shore…

Guinée Bissau PAC Voyages de pêche

Guinea – Bissau

The Bijagos archipelago is part of Guinea Bissau, a small African country wedged between Senegal to the north and Guinea Conakry to the south.The capital is Bissau and the official language is Portuguese…

Panama PAC Voyages de pêche

Panama – The Chiriqui Archipelago

Olivier Pêche Panama was created by the guide Olivier Charpentier who, after more that ten years experience in 6 different countries, decided to move to the Pacific coast of Panama. He will show you the unforgettable experience…

Irlande Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Ireland – Lake Land

Ireland is a country we all appreciate ….. From its startling greenery to its medieval castles this lovely country, well-known for the warmth of its inhabitants, is also a prime fishing destination.

Irlande Mayo Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Ireland – Mayo

A fishing holiday in one of the historical fishing paradises… In the west of Ireland, on the banks of the Moy, not far from Lough Conn, Cullent and Mask… !So, if you are already a salmon fisherman…

Madagascar Slid Pac Voyages de pêche


Do you want to get away from it all and enjoy a tailor-made stay where you can combine fishing, relaxation, excursions, night-life, friends……? With you family or friends, come and meet the team who can make your…

Mongolie Lodge Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Mongolia – The four Rivers

Here, at the Four Rivers Lodge, we have created one of the most comfortable locations in the country. Mongolia is considered today as the new El Dorado for fishermen. How could anyone not be enthralled…

Mongolie Tsaatan Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Mongolia – Tsaatans Lodge

Our new Tsaatan 2 Lodge offers exceptional quality and comfort as well as fishing possibilities which are unequalled in Mongolia. And, even better, we now have a private charter to reach this remote destination.

Mongolie Taimen Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Mongolia – Tymen Foundation Lodge

Three times bigger than France, Mongolia is a vast and privileged territory where the rivers seem to enjoy the same freedom as the inhabitants: nomads who carry on their ancestral traditions. The taimen, emblem…es.

Norvège Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Norway – Neiden

This trip in July to the land of the midnight sun beyond the arctic circle has been part of our programme for many years and some of you have become unconditional fans of this great spot. Looking for salmo salar her is a real…

Norvège Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Norway – Suldal

You will be surprised by the stunning beauty of the Suldal valley and amazed by the different shades of green, from the soft pastels of the rich meadows to the darker-coloured forests. Then, you will discover this imposing…

Seychelles Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Seychelles – Amirantes

The stay of your dreams…..! That’s the experience you can have on this cruise to the Amirantes Islands, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, far from the better-known isles of the Seychelles.

Suède Gal Pac Voyages de pêche

Sweden – Rajamaa

Lapland – a place that Pac Voyages and Piam know well on the Norwegian side with their experience in organising salmon fishing tours there for many years. This is a completely different tour in a superb…

Suède Slid Pac Voyages de pêche

Sweden – Saxnäs

Lapland is a destination that Pac Voyages and Piam know well as we have been organising salmon angling here for many years. This time we are taking you somewhere different, to this wonderful region of Swedish…